Virtual Reality in your practice?“Fun and effective!”

Corpus VR

By giving your clients a fun challenge and matching rewards, their brain releases small amounts of a substance called dopamine. This leaves a good feeling. And this effect alone can rewire your brain to overcome your pain or to get a better mental balance.

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Changing healthcare by introducinga new form of VR therapy

The way people have been trying to get motivated and get in motion has mainly been the same for years. Nowadays people experience more stress than ever. We have a high-pressure society where professional (work related) and social stress can lead to inexplicable physical pain or a worn out feeling of always being tired. New tools are needed to help the therapist AND patient. Corpus VR provides just that.

  • First product for head, neck, upper back and shoulder exercises in pre-order now
  • Application supports multiple VR headsets (Samsung Gear VR, Cardboard VR, Daydream VR, OSVR*, Oculus* and HTC Vive*)
  • The dashboard monitoring software works on Android and iOS tablet devices

* Soon TBA

We believe that using a combination of gamification and Virtual Reality will enable optimized therapy for a wide variety of physical and mental issues. VR empowers the client to reach their goals faster. And we want to give the coaches and therapists the tool that will help them to make optimal use of this stimulating world in coordination with their clients.

Faster results

Compared to other psychosomatic training therapists expect faster results, due to longer exercise time per therapy.

Positive engagement

By offering choice to the client in a fun and focused way they have a very positive experience.

Games for Health

Games are the number one pastime. Why not use them to improve your health? We believe that the benefits that games bring really makes the difference!

Easy monitoring

As sensors in the headset help monitor mobility and show progress, you can adjust the training experience to fit specific needs.

Gratis VR evenement!

(Dutch only)
Gratis Virtual reality ervaren? Op 18 mei organiseren wij samen met o.a. mark@ing een gratis VR-evenement!

Product info

Want to know more about the details of how using Virtual Reality and gaming can be a real benefit for healthcare professionals like you?


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